Shinjuku 2053

Cluster 4: Runtime 1


The cast:
TT: Dealer

-TT was “hired” by the mobster boss Mr. BIG to assure his son’s deal with the Mexican cartel went safely
-The Nomad took a sizable amount of meth to sell to Mr. BIG along with the cartel offer
-The Runner found himself hired by Wayne Freeman, a detective, to find clues that could lead to the next victim of the Huntsman, a notorious killer of criminals
-The three converged to the same area. The cartel representatives were waiting but BIG’s son was late
-A fight breaks out between Runner and Nomad
-BIG’s son arrives and dies from his many wounds shortly after
-Nomad leaves the scene
-TT puts the corpse in his car and takes the Runner with him in a drug-addled rampage
-After that, they go to BIG’s house
-They are interrogated, Runner is taken away for a memory-scan
-TT is beaten up by Mr. BIG for hours


Bruno_Damaceno Bruno_Damaceno

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