The World

January 1st, 2020. The day that changed the world forever.
SenseNet was revealed to the public and augmentations were made affordable and easy to install. Corporations fought, often in armed combat, for supremacy. Their growing power soon overtook the governments of the world.

Governments after the silent, subtle Corporate takeover are now little more than bureaucratic structures that maintain public health, education and law. Of course, these are all supplied by Corporations with better structure and availability, but the basic services of the government have saved many a life.

Private security is restricted to business that can afford it and around the area of Acropolis, sprawling, self-contained city blocks where the elite live. The rest of the world has to get by living between mobster violence and the numerous gangs that hide behind every corner.

Corporations have grouped together, for common interest or profit, into hierarchies known as Conglomerates, making the mightier corps mightier and the weaker non-denominational. As such, the regions of the future are grouped into its most expressive Conglomerate that pushes its will and agenda upon the common folk.

For more information about the world, see Geography, Underworld and Corporations and Conglomerates.

The World

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