Cluster 2

Endless Sentience – Computer Ego

After the months it spent in development, the ESSENCE AI has grown farther than the machine it resided inside when Hoxton last returned to it.
The “Three Crowns Market”, once the base of operations for Patrick “The Irish” McReary, is currently a giant computer system, acquired by ESSENCE through manipulation of data towards hardware pushers.

The piles of rubble that once hid pistons used to move scrap around, turning the market into a labyrinth, now hide a sprawling patchwork mat of servers and processors, all assigned at seemingly random disposition, and are all powered 24/7 by a powerful, unmarked solar generator.

ESSENCE’s framework personality and main CPU are now housed within a tube of military-grade ceramic Chobham armor, capable of withstanding shaped charges and heavy artillery fire with no structural compromising. This plating, which is partially extended upon the CPU’s connections to the machines, however, makes it easier to locate the module, as its design differs considerably from the rest of the mainframe it’s located inside of.
The rest of the machine offers no special resistance, but disabling any of its components weighs no bearing towards the machine’s function, as it operates another set of remotes machines in an undisclosed location.

ESSENCE “speaks” in a characteristically feminine voice, age estimated around late thirties, although it prefers relaying information through text. Due to a quirk in its programming and the ever-evolving data-securing protocols, ESSENCE’s messages may have missing characters or meaningless snippets of info (the byproduct of injecting her messages into normal transmission).

ESSENCE’s bearing in the plot involves its search for the data component stolen from her during the Pacifying Police’s takeover on the “Irish Den”. The briefcase contains a proprietary data system that completes her missing communication systems, allowing ESSENCE to seamlessly add audio, video and text to any transmissions within its reach, bypassing the default invasion techniques. It advanced towards that goal by misleading the party, specifically the Technician, into taking the briefcase into the Market and assembling it into its systems. Once the briefcase was assimilated, ESSENCE put its plans into action and in a few years the “Essential Robotics and Medicine Inc.” was founded as a ghost corporation with a fabricated history. This corporation will, within a decade, change the very landscape of Japan, transforming the country into a massive technological powerhouse, making the research and development of ACPAs and Walker Tanks increase hundredfold.

Cluster 2

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