The Irish

… But it’s gonna cost ya.

Considered little more than an urban legend by many, Patrick “The Irish” McReary is comfortable with a life of mystery.

A legendary pusher, the Irish was indeed born in Ireland circa 2019, but that’s just one of his many pseudonyms.

The Irish travels the world regularly, setting temporary homes in all continents and leaving once his notoriety reaches a certain threshold. There’s a list of “Most Wanted Criminals” somewhere within the Pacifying Police headquarters and the Irish is at least two of its entries.

As of 2053, The Irish proved to be of vital assistance to Hoxton‘s companions, supplying them with a safe base of operations, ammunition and support during missions. Hoxton and the Irish were acquainted long before this, granting some payment leeway as Hoxton recovered his financial standing and keeping Hoxton’s pet project, ESSENCE’s main core, safely hidden.

Late into 2054, the Irish’s base of operations in Japan, the “Three Crowns Market”, was raided by the Pacifying Police, lead by none other than Turman himself. The Irish had no option but flee the country. He left Hoxton’s creation behind, which connected itself to the Interface and achieved awareness, leading to the events of the second cluster.

His whereabouts, as of 2059, are still unknown.

The Irish

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